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Expansion of HIV/AIDS Care and prevention among Church Related Hospitals and clinics in the Republic of Zimbabwe under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

Grant Amount: Approximate Current Fiscal Year Funding: $6,370,000; Approximate Total Project Period Funding: $39,710,000.

The goal and objectives of the program in Zimbabwe is to prevent HIV morbidity and mortality through prevention, care and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Specific objectives of this program are:

1. By the end of the project period, complete voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) on 157,000 uncircumcised males 15-49 years of age and 80% of newborn males seen in faith-based organization (FBO) member newborn delivery sites
2. By the end of the project period, 16,000 newly identified PLHIV will be reached with a minimum package of prevention with positives (PwP) interventions as per PEPFAR and Ministry of Health and Child Welfare (MOHCW) Zimbabwe minimum standards.
3. By the end of the project period, 100 % of 69 FBO member sites approved as opportunistic infections/ antiretroviral therapy (OI/ART) units will provide testing and counseling (TC), PMTCT and TB/HIV services as part of the integrated package of HIV/AIDS continuum of care. This should be in line with national standards.
4. By the end of Year Three, increase the number of FBO member sites from 45 to 69, meeting the MOHCW minimum requirements for an OI/ART unit.
5. By the end of the project period, increase the number of testing sites from 45 to 69 with on-site laboratories to perform clinical laboratory tests.
6. By the end of the project period, increase the number of newly enrolled adults and children with advanced HIV infection who are started on ART at approved OI/ART units by 28,500.
7. In alignment with the needs and strategic plan of the MOHCW, the partner will provide in-service training for a minimum of 750 of its health care and community outreach workers during the project period.

The purpose of this FOA is to improve and expand the HIV/AIDS prevention and care capacity and activities in the GoZ through cooperation among the PEPFAR/CDC and a network of faith based health facilities in all 10 provinces of the country. FBOs complement the GoZ national health coverage through a nationwide network of health care facilities targeted to rural, hard to reach areas. Cooperative efforts must continue to make significant improvements in the management of HIV prevention programs, expansion of prevention, care and treatment of HIV and related conditions (e.g. TB), prevention services for VMMC, and provision of enhanced care (e.g. testing, PMTCT, TB/HIV and PwP as part of the HIV continuum of care) for persons who are infected with HIV/AIDS and their families.
Funding Organization
US Department of Health and Human Services
Public Health Service
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Fund Category
Support Types
Cooperative Agreements
American Samoa
Federated States of Micronesia
Marshall Islands
Northern Mariana Islands
Puerto Rico
US Virgin Islands
Eligible Organizations
City Agencies
Commercial Organizations
Community Based Organizations
County Agencies
International Agencies
IRS 501 (c)(3) Organizations
Minority Owned Organizations
Nonprofit Organizations
Religious Organizations
Research Institutions
State Agencies
Tribal Organizations
Woman Owned Organizations
Award Date
Number of Awards Given
1 award
Maximum Amount
Average Amount
Award Amount Notes
Approximate Current Fiscal Year Funding: $6,370,000.
Approximate Total Project Period Funding: $39,710,000 (This amount is an estimate, and is subject to availability of funds and includes direct costs for international organizations or direct and indirect costs for domestic grantees for all years.)
Application Due Date
Application Contact Support Center
Phone: (800) 518-4726
Technical Contact
Paula Morgan
Project Officer
DHHS/CDC2nd Floor, Nestle House
38 Samora Machel Avenue
Fund Duration
5 years.
HIV/AIDS Prevention
International Cooperation
Medical Treatments and Therapies
Patient Care
Program Management
Developing Nations
Persons in Rural Areas
Persons with HIV/AIDS
Application Process
Applicants must download the SF424 application package associated with this funding opportunity from If access to the Internet is not available or if the applicant encounters difficulty in accessing the forms on-line, contact the HHS/CDC Procurement and Grant Office Technical Information Management Section (PGO TIMS) staff at (770) 488-2700 Monday-Friday 7:00am – 4:30pm U.S. Eastern Standard Time for further instruction. CDC Telecommunications for the hearing impaired or disabled is available at: TTY 1-888-232-6348.

If the applicant encounters technical difficulties with, the applicant should contact Customer Service. The Contact Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of all Federal Holidays. The Contact Center provides customer service to the applicant community. The extended hours will provide applicants support around the clock, ensuring the best possible customer service is received any time it’s needed. You can reach the Support Center at 1-800-518-4726 or by email at Submissions sent by e-mail, fax, CD’s or thumb drives of applications will not be accepted.

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Fund Number

Disclaimer: NPIN provides this information as a public service only. The views and information provided about the materials, funding opportunities, and organizations do not necessarily state or reflect those of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, CDC, or NPIN. Fund Record #4627

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