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Featured Partner

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The CDC NPIN Featured Partner resource offers HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, STD, and TB prevention-focused organizations a platform to showcase their services, programs, and materials. Our goal is to highlight the work of CDC's prevention partners and encourage partners to connect with each other to share information and strategies. Organizations are nominated by CDC or their peers, or are self-nominated. Those selected are featured on the NPIN Web site for the month.

Grady Liver Clinic Program Overview

Six people, five in lab coats, outside Grady Memorial Hospital Grady Liver Clinic team

The Grady Liver Clinic, founded in 2002, provides comprehensive care and treatment for urban, medically underserved patients with chronic hepatitis C. A unique model for hepatitis C care, the clinic was founded and is run by general internists as opposed to specialists, and provides critical access to care for uninsured patients. The clinic is staffed by four attending physicians from Emory University’s Division of General Medicine, and a Grady clinical pharmacist. The clinic is also a practice venue for volunteer physicians from CDC who work in the field of viral hepatitis. The liver clinic is a major training site for internal medicine residents as well as gastroenterology and infectious disease fellows.

Almost 1,000 patients visit the clinic annually, predominantly African Americans (76%) and the uninsured (59%). Liver clinic services include extensive education and counseling about hepatitis C, full medical evaluation, vaccination for hepatitis A and B, laboratory testing, radiology studies, and liver biopsy referral. The Grady Liver Clinic has a robust antiviral treatment program, and has treated more than 300 patients to date, with response rates comparable to clinical trials, which typically have the best cure rates.

In addition to quality patient care and physician training, the Grady Liver Clinic serves as a site for multiple clinical research studies. Projects have included investigation of patients’ appointment keeping behavior, evaluation of resident physician education in the liver clinic, and analysis of outcomes of antiviral treatment.

Program Highlight

With funding support from CDC, a collaborative team from Emory University’s School of Medicine and Rollins School of Public Health is leading a hepatitis C virus (HCV) testing program in the Primary Care Center and Grady Liver Clinic at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. The program is called TILT-C (internal medicine Trainees Identifying and Linking to Treatment for hepatitis C). The goal is to increase identification of previously undiagnosed HCV infections and enhance linkage to care, preventive services, and treatment for those infected.

As part of the testing program, Primary Care Center patients born from 1945 through 1965 (the age group identified by CDC as most burdened with HCV) undergo HCV antibody screening during their routine medical visits. Those with confirmed infection are linked to care at the onsite Grady Liver Clinic. Clinic faculty have trained Emory University and Morehouse School of Medicine resident physicians, who practice in Grady’s Primary Care Center, to implement the birth cohort screening. In the project’s first year, 137 residents were trained to screen for HCV antibody, resulting in more than 2,400 tests completed, 190 patients with positive HCV antibody (7.8% prevalence), 104 patients with confirmed chronic HCV, and 100 linked to care. Both resident and patient uptake of screening has been high, and the program has revealed an unexpectedly high prevalence of hepatitis C in the population served. Future directions include spreading the successful testing program to the Emergency Department and inpatient settings.


Grady Liver Clinic

80 Jesse Hill Jr Dr SE
Atlanta, GA 30303

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