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Featured Partner

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The CDC NPIN Featured Partner resource offers HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, STD, and TB prevention-focused organizations a platform to showcase their services, programs, and materials. Our goal is to highlight the work of CDC's prevention partners and encourage partners to connect with each other to share information and strategies. Organizations are nominated by CDC or their peers, or are self-nominated. Those selected are featured on the NPIN Web site for the month.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Risk Reduction Program Overview

In response to the concern about HIV infection among adolescents and young adults, the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Division of Adolescent Medicine developed the Risk Reduction Program (RRP) more than 20 years ago. The program offers comprehensive services for youth living with HIV, targeted prevention services for at-risk youth, as well as capacity-building assistance for providers and clinical research.


Services available for youth with HIV between the ages of 12 and 24 include:

  • Outpatient psychiatric and medical care
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Psychological case management
  • Nutritional counseling

With support from grant funds and government programs, uninsured patients and their families are able to use the confidential services of the Risk Reduction Clinic free of charge. Patients also have access to transportation assistance and emergency food vouchers, and receive services in a youth-friendly, supportive environment.

HIV Prevention

The RRP provides HIV prevention services using specialized prevention and intervention models established in partnership with the community. Rapid counseling and testing are available onsite and at two community-based organizations serving at-risk youth. Other services offered for transgender, gay, and bisexual youth include comprehensive risk counseling, primary and secondary interventions, health education groups, and hormone replacement.

Interventions include:

  • B3: Three-session intervention for HIV-positive gay men.
  • Comprehensive Risk Counseling: For individual health education.
  • L.I.F.E: Four-session intervention for HIV-negative gay men.
  • Tranny Rockstar: Four-session intervention for transgender youth.
  • Transgender Harm Reduction Project: Hormone treatment, mental health, and case management services.

Capacity-Building Assistance

The Center for Strengthening Youth Prevention Paradigms (SYPP Center), part of the RRP, provides capacity-building assistance services to communities seeking to prevent HIV among youth, with an emphasis on young gay men and transgender youth of color. SYPP Center helps communities create structural changes and build healthy coalitions. Assistance is available to agencies nationwide. For more information, visit the SYPP Center Web site or call (323) 361–2390.

Clinical Research

The RRP participates in local and national research designed to increase knowledge and understanding of HIV and young people. It serves as the Los Angeles site for the Adolescent HIV/AIDS Trials Network and the International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials Network. For more information about treatment and behavioral or community clinical trials, call (323) 361–2390.

Program Highlight

The Youth HIV Testing Collaborative is a project of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Division of Adolescent Medicine, REACH LA, and Christopher Wahl Youth Center to expand free HIV rapid testing and counseling services to youth at very high risk of HIV infection in Los Angeles County.

While the collaborative does not deny assistance to persons of any age, it has designed services specifically for youth ages 13–24. Testing services are targeted to young men who have sex with men, but the collaborative tests any young person in need of its services.

Rapid HIV Testing

The Youth HIV Testing Collaborative implements a Rapid-Rapid Testing Algorithm, which consists of confirming a reactive rapid test result with a second rapid test by a different manufacturer. This allows the collaborative to link youth who test positive to medical care immediately rather than having to wait days to receive confirmatory lab results. All youth who receive HIV testing services through the collaborative receive a 20-minute risk-reduction counseling session in which they can discuss their HIV risks, learn different prevention methods, and get linked to resources.

In 2013, the collaborative tested more than 1,250 people and identified 14 new HIV-positive people.  Some of the subgroup populations tested through the collaborative include homeless youth and house and ball scene youth. There is a dedicated person at each site to link those who test positive to HIV care.


Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

5000 Sunset Boulevard
Fourth Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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