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Featured Partner

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The CDC NPIN Featured Partner resource offers HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, STD, and TB prevention-focused organizations a platform to showcase their services, programs, and materials. Our goal is to highlight the work of CDC's prevention partners and encourage partners to connect with each other to share information and strategies. Organizations are nominated by CDC or their peers, or are self-nominated. Those selected are featured on the NPIN Web site for the month.

The Internet and STD Center of Excellence Overview

The Internet and STD Center of Excellence was established in 2006 by the Denver Public Health Department with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research (APTR). The specific purpose of the Center was to develop and evaluate promising tools for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases/HIV using the Internet and other new media. Projects have included:

  • The development of an inventory of existing new media tools for STD/HIV prevention.
  • The development, implementation, and evaluation of an online tool to provide STD test results for the Denver Metro Health Clinic (DMHC) that is designed to be adopted by other STD clinics.
  • A clinic-based study to evaluate the association of online partnering with the prevalence of STD.
  • The evaluation of an existing online STD/HIV partner notification program.
  • The development and evaluation of a computer-based text messaging program to notify patients of the DMHC of their test results and encourage them to return to the clinic for re-testing 3 months after a chlamydia or gonorrhea diagnosis.

The project has thus far produced 4 peer-reviewed publications, while an additional 2 papers are undergoing review. The Center’s grant will end later this year, but one project will continue, STDPreventionOnline.

Program Highlight

STDPreventionOnline or STDPO ( is a networking Web site for professionals working in the field of STD and HIV prevention. The intent of the site is to serve as an information clearinghouse allowing network members to upload and download resources to and from the site in a variety of formats, including text, PowerPoint, audio, and video. In addition, members can start or respond to other members’ blogs, participate in fora on a variety of topics, and create or join working groups that can either be public (i.e., accessible to the entire STDPO membership) or private (i.e., accessible by invitation only). A biweekly e-newsletter is sent to the membership to highlight new site postings and other significant events.

To date, over 2,500 individuals and over 100 organizations have joined the site, and 63 groups have been formed. However, membership is only required for those actively using the site (i.e., entering blogs or uploading resources), but not to those who only access certain parts of the site or only download resources. STDPO membership is free of charge, and one of the added membership benefits is free access to the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections.

STDPO Resources

In the resources section, find the latest resources from others in the field, or upload your own. The Top Ten Resources link includes popular resources like Online Hookup Abbreviations and Guide to SMS/Chat abbreviations.

STDPO’s podcasts are on iTunes and offer interviews of people making a difference in the world of sexually transmitted disease prevention. Episodes focus on research, policy, medical, and technological issues.


The Internet and STD Center of Excellence

Denver Public Health Department
605 Bannock Street
Denver, CO 80204

Visit Denver Public Health′s listing in NPIN's Organizations Database

Follow STDPO on: STDPO Twitter

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Visit the Featured Partner Archive to learn about other Featured Partners.

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