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Communities at Risk Headquarters

Welcome! Looking for prevention resources for a specific community? Tips for tailoring materials to your target audience? NPIN is here to provide you with the most current resources, tools, and ideas to support your organization’s efforts to reach those populations most at risk. The links below will help you get started.

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The most recent activities, news, or publications about communities at risk for HIV/AIDS, STDs, or TB

What's New
  • What is cultural competence?
  • How to better understand your target audience in order to tailor your prevention efforts
  • Cultural Competence
    Communities at Risk

    Working on prevention for a particular population? NPIN provides information on the key issues, strategies, and resources for reaching the following communities:

    African Americans

    American Indians/Alaska Natives
    Asians/Pacific Islanders
    Older Populations
    Healthcare Workers
    The Homeless
    IDUs/Substance Abusers
    Infected Persons
    Persons with Disabilities

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