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STD Counseling, Testing, and Referral (CTR)

The effective diagnosis, treatment, and counseling of persons infected with an STD, as well as their partners, are critical to the success of any STD prevention program.

Featured STD CTR links
Locate STD CTR services
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines, 2010

Featured STD CTR links

How to Work with Schools to Conduct STD Screening
From National Coalition of STD Directors

Herpes Testing Toolkit
From the American Sexual Health Association

HPV Toolkit: A Resource for Healthcare Providers
From the American Sexual Health Association

HPV Screening, Diagnosis and Prevention (video series)
From the American Sexual Health Association

Testing Recommendations
From the American Sexual Health Association

Evaluation of Large Jail STD Screening Programs, 2008-2009 (PDF)
From CDC’s Division of STD Prevention

Why Screen For Chlamydia? An Implementation Guide for Healthcare Providers (PDF)
From Partnership for Prevention

Clinic-Based Testing for Rectal and Pharyngeal Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis Infections
From CDC’s MMWR Weekly; July 10, 2009 / 58(26);716-719
Dear Colleague Letter (PDF)

Chlamydia Screening Among Sexually Active Young Female Enrollees of Health Plans - United States, 2000-2007
From CDC’s MMWR Weekly; April 17, 2009 / 58(14);362-365

Human Papillomavirus: HPV Information for Clinicians (PDF)
Brochure from CDC’s Division of STD Prevention, available in English and en Español

Partner Services and Program Support
From the National Network of STD/HIV Prevention and Training Centers (NNPTC)

Partner Services
From Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Screening and Testing Men who Have Sex with Men (MSM) for Syphilis—A Guide for Health Care Professionals (PDF)
From CDC

Infertility and STDs: CDC Recommends Screening of All Sexually Active Women 25 and Under
From CDC

Page Last Updated: December 18, 2013

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