Communication and Social Marketing Tools

CDC HealthCommWorks Web site

CDC's HealthCommWorks
Free, Internet-based set of tools that synthesize research and expert consensus to optimize message development, social media strategy, and evaluation.

CDC's Health Communicator's Social Media Toolkit
Guide to using social media to improve the reach of health messages, increase access to content, further participation with audiences, and advance transparency to improve health communication efforts.

CDC's Gateway to Health Communication & Social Marketing Practice
Provides access to many resources to help build health communication and social marketing campaigns and programs.
Provides tips, tools, and trainings for writing in plain language so that audiences can understand information the first time they read or hear it.

Youth Social Marketing Toolkit
Provides an overview of how agencies with limited financial resources can develop a social marketing campaign to reach youth and young adults, with practical examples from the field of sexual and reproductive health. Created by the California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center.

Pink Book – Making Health Communication Programs Work
Resource developed by the National Cancer Institute to aid health communicators in planning and implementing campaigns.